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This form will allow you to apply for a Thawte Extended Validation digital certificate and have us (Herald Information Systems) invoice you in sterling or Euro, by fax or post. You will be able to choose whether you want to pay by cheque, bank transfer or purchase order - you will be paying us directly rather than paying Thawte.

Please use this form if you want to buy an Extended Validation certificate -- we would also expect you to have spoken to us about this already, as EV certificates are not suitable for all uses nor for all organisations, and we would prefer to discuss this with you before you apply. If you have not yet spoken to us, please call us on 020 8394 2288 now!

If you wish to purchase an SSL Web Server Certificate or a Wildcard Certificate, please use this form. If you want to buy an SSL123 Certificate, please use this form instead.

PLEASE NOTE: The validation and verification procedures for Extended Validation certificates are significantly different from those for other fully-authenticated certificates, and they can take a lot longer. You should allow at least two weeks for your EV certificate to be issued. If you require a certificate more quickly than this, you may want to look at a different type of certificate.

Any fields with a ** alongside them are mandatory fields - you must fill these in or we will not be able to process your request! If you have any trouble filling in the form, please let us know, or call us on +44 (0) 20 8394 2288, and we will be happy to help you.

What type of certificate do you need?

Choose your certificate ** Type of certificate Certificate validity Description
Extended Validation certificate Valid for 1 year from date of issue:
This certificate will allow you to secure web servers and will show the green browser bar (highest authentication level) to those browsers which support it.

All prices exclude VAT at the current rate (20%).

  • If you are in the UK: we will charge you VAT
  • If you are outside the UK: we will not charge you VAT

Your server software

Why is this important?

Please choose your server software from the drop-down list below. If the software you are using does not appear in the list, please choose "Other server software" and type the name of your software in the box at the right of the list.


Your Certificate Signing Request

Why is this important?

How do I get one of these?

Please cut and paste your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) into the box below. Please make sure that you include all the lines of the request; this means the lines of dashes which say "BEGIN" and "END", too.

Note that the public key within your CSR must be at least 2048 bits in size.


Information about your organisation

Note that sole traders / unincorporated partnerships within the UK and Ireland are NOT ELIGIBLE for EV certificates. If you are a sole trader or an unincorporated partnership, you may wish to consider buying a different type of certificate instead.

Please fill out your organisation details below. This does not necessarily need to be the same address or department to whom we will send the invoice; we will ask you for those details lower down the page.

Organisation name: **
Address: **
Town/City: **
Postcode: **
Country: **
Phone number (main switchboard): **


We need details for two contact people as part of the certificate request process.

The administrative contact is the person who will be called by Thawte as part of the final verification of the certificate details. They won't be asked for any detailed technical information, but they must be aware of the certificate request and the information contained within it - for instance, they must be able to confirm the organisation name and the server name that you want to secure. They must be of at least managerial status and they must work for the organisation in whose name the certificate is being requested.

Please note that the organisation's HR/Personnel department will be asked to confirm this person's employment. If that department are not willing to confirm this person's employment, we will not be able to issue the certificate.

Contact name: **
Their job title: **
Direct phone number: **
Direct email address: **

The technical contact is usually the person who will be installing the certificate. This person will receive an email from Thawte once the certificate is issued, with instructions on where the certificate can be downloaded. The technical contact will also be the person we contact in the first instance if we find any problems with your application before it is submitted to Thawte.

The technical contact MUST work for the organisation in whose name the certificate is being requested; unlike other fully-authenticated certificates, the technical contact cannot be (for instance) someone from the company's ISP, or an external contractor.

Tick the box if the administrative and technical contact details are the same:

Contact name:
Their job title:
Direct phone number:
Direct email address:

How would you like to pay?

We must receive a purchase order before your certificate can be issued. Once we have received your order and the certificate has been issued, we will send you an invoice for your purchase.

You can make payment either by bank transfer (here are our bank details) or by cheque in UK pounds or Euros, as appropriate (here is our address). Cheques must be made out to Herald Information Systems.

We can send out invoices by email, post or both - please tell us which you would prefer.

I would like to pay by: ** Bank transfer 
Purchase Order 
Please invoice me by: ** Email - please send it to:
Post - I have entered the invoicing address below
Both email and post - I have entered the email address above and the invoicing address below

Invoice Details

Please fill out the name/department and address to which we should send the invoice. If you need us to quote a reference or a purchase order number, please enter it into the marked box below.

If you have purchased certificates from us previously and the invoicing details are the same as for that order, then you do not need to repeat them here (but please let us know the purchase order number if we need to quote one). If you are going to send us a purchase order immediately (by fax or email -- POs should be emailed to then please quote the number below and we will take the invoice details from the PO when it arrives. If you will be sending a purchase order later on by fax or email, or if you will be posting the purchase order, it will speed up your order's processing if you can provide the invoice details below.

Invoice name:
Invoice department:
Invoice organisation:
Invoice address:
Invoice town/city:
Invoice county:
Invoice postal code:
Invoice country:
Organisation VAT number:
(if applicable; not necessary for UK organisations)
Reference/PO number to quote:


If you have any notes or comments regarding your application, please enter them in the box below:


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