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Note that there are two different ways you can order a certificate through us; one way is through the simplified application procedure on Thawte's web site, where you would normally pay by credit card, and one is through the application procedure for people who need to be able to pay by local cheque or purchase order, or who need a local invoice, here. The pricing, payment methods, VAT status and invoicing details vary a little between these two methods, so most of these questions have two answers. Don't get confused! If you're not sure which answer applies to you, get in touch. Within this FAQ, we'll call them "remote payment" and "local payment" as in the first case, you're paying Thawte directly, and in the second case, you're paying us (Herald).

How much does a certificate cost?

Remote payment: Thawte quote their prices in US dollars; you can find a list of products, prices and approximate pound/euro equivalents here.

Local payment: Our prices for local invoicing are available at the top of the application form (and are usually going to be broadly similar to the pound or euro equivalent of the Thawte dollar prices).

How can I pay for a certificate?

Remote payment: For certificates ordered through the simplified application procedure, the easiest way of paying will be to use a credit card during the signup procedure (or, once the signup has been completed, to go back and enter your credit card details). You can also pay Thawte directly by bank transfer or by cheque, but this will require either posting a cheque to their offices in Cape Town or arranging a bank transfer to their German bank account; either of these is likely to incur costs and delays.

Local payment: For certificates ordered through Herald, you can pay us by cheque made payable to Herald Information Systems and posted to us (here's our address) or alternatively you can pay by bank transfer (here are our bank details). We will also accept official purchase orders from central and local government bodies, schools and colleges. We regret we are not able to accept payment by credit card.

Is VAT chargeable?

Remote payment: For certificates ordered through the simplified application procedure, no VAT is chargeable as you are paying Thawte directly, and they are based outside the EU.

Local payment: For certificates ordered through Herald, we do have to charge VAT to UK organisations. We also charge VAT to other EU organisations who cannot provide us with a valid EU VAT number. EU organisations who can provide us with a valid EU VAT number, or non-EU organisations, are not liable for VAT.

Where can I get an invoice?

Remote payment: Thawte don't send out paper invoices, but you can print one from your certificate tracking page once your certificate has been ordered. (You will have been sent a link to this tracking page in the email that confirms your enrolment request. If you cannot find the link, please contact us.) You will need your tracking code and also any password which you may have selected during the signup process.

Local payment: We will send out an invoice by post, fax or both (you will have the opportunity to choose which you would prefer during the application process) once you have ordered the certificate.

Is there a discount for ordering multiple certificates?

Remote payment: Not at present, but if you are likely to need several certificates, either for your own company's use or for your clients' use, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. It may be that one of Thawte's partner programmes would suit your needs.

Local payment: We may offer a discount for organisations needing to order more than one certificate at the same time. Please contact us for further details.

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Last updated: March 24th 2008
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